Jews For Jezus Sue Google

Just in time for the Chanukah spirit, Jews for J sues Google over a blog:

The disputed blog,, was started in January 2005 by someone taking the name “Whistle Blower” and airing critical views of the San Francisco-based organization, which seeks to convert Jews to Christianity…..”Our reputation is at stake,” Perlman told Reuters.

Uhm. Reputation?

Anyway, here is a great opportunity for Google to bankrupt these meshugas once and for all. A long protracted legal battle, that Google will win. This is the chance to see this nefarious and dishonest cult put out of business. Let’s hand the Out Of Business sign on JFJ soon.


Posted on December 25, 2005, in Judaism. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Why are they a nefarious and dishonest cult? Just curious.

  2. Nefarious? Because they brainwash innocent Jews, mostly vulnerable people. Then they lie and say that you can be Jewish hand believe in Jesus. This is absolutely not true. So they are dishonest, and nefarious, and many other things that I cannot say here in public. And cultish? they use many techniques from cults.

  3. Rabbi

    I agree, if you get a chance check out a post I wrote on Jews For Jesus

    shalom, Akira

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