On Second thought, or maybe on first thought

We all read last week how the Norwegian Finance Minister called for a boycott of Israeli goods. Her party had tried to get this into law three years ago. She told the press she long ago stopped buying Israeli. The Norwegian PM jumped to Israel’s defence saying that she didn’t speak for Norway or the current gov. So today, even Mrs. Boycott herself is looking to save her political life.

Finance minister Halvorsen apologizes after calling for boycott on Israeli goods

Bad timing: Norway’s Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen, who touched off a storm after calling on her countrymen to boycott Israeli products shortly before Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke, has apologized for her controversial comments.

Trouble is that they have tied her apology to “bad timing”. Is there ever “good timing” for hypocritical and racist ideas?


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  1. This seems to be a rather hot time for such comments. Melinda pointed me to Pat Robertson’s comments on Sharon. Robertson said Sharon’s death was divine punishment for “dividing God’s land.” Since when was it a human’s place to make such a definiative statement?

    I’m getting tired of these bigots getting press time.

  2. Isn’t it funny that people hear this kind of talk, and say “Yeh, woah, he had it coming from Gd. Gd doesn’t take this stuff lightly. ” Agreeing with the illogical and inconsistent Robertson.

    How did Sharon get elected? Was that also against Gd’s wishes? Why did Sharon live so long with myriad of health problems?

    Robertson is just wrong. And so is anyone else who thinks that Sharon is sick because Gd doesn’t want Israel divided. Israel is being divided because Jews are at each others throats and the Torah is being both trampled upon and being misused. It is so clear from our history that we are weak at the times that we ignore our basic obligations to Gd. And I mean the most basic.

    Oy I could go on but my mind is caught up in other things.
    Thanks Ray for bringing this up, its bothering me too.

  3. No probelm. You know whenever there is someone perverting a faith, I’m there right beside you to help shine the light.

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