MUNICH: The Fools of Chelm meet Spielberg

clownThe Forward publishes a piece from a former Mossad agent saying the movie is a fairytale.

Laya panned it in Jewlicious for just being a bad movie.

The author of the book Vengence, the basis for the movie, says that the movie is not faithful to the spirit of his book at all.
In an interview with Terri Gross from Fresh Air, Tony Kushner kept called killing PLO operatives in Europe as targeted assasinations, and not acts of defence. Which made me think that ol’e Tony is showing his not-too-Zionist colors. CAMERA dug deeper, ouch!

Speilberg based his
film Schindler’s List on a book by Australian Novelist, Thomas Keneally. There have been dispersions cast on the story told in the book and in the film, insofar as it relates to Schindler. He filmed the Jewish ghetto the Nazis built in a different qaurter of Krakow than it actually happened, for example…
For whatever reason, that desire that Spielberg had in Poland when filming Schinder, was even more out of control while filming Munich. As the movie says at the start, “Inspired by Real Events.”

It is a lesson though. DONT LOOK TO HOLLYWOOD FOR HISTORY AND REALITY. Hollywood is a place of wonderous miracles and its greatest heros are the biggest masters of this art of them all.


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  1. Darn. I had high hopes for this film. Havent’ seen it yet, guess it means I’m not.

  2. It certainly isn’t worth forking over the buckaroos!

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