The Highest Clouds

jewbilation concert

We were elevated together on the clouds of Shabbos and didn’t reach earth until Monday, if then.  Everyone left transformed in some small way, unified with their people, inspired, uplifted and then some.

Just want to thank everyone for coming to the festival and for making it one of the most memorable events. I am just coming down from the high clouds of the weekend, and it will take a while to decompress. Then I will attempt to write about this truly remarkable and mind blowing event that was better than any of us could have planned. Thank you for being a part of history….


Posted on February 22, 2006, in events, Judaism. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Rabbi,

    Are you a Lubvitcher (I assume you are)? I’m a huge Chabad supporter and would love to come out to one of the concerts someday (if you guys ever come around Houston).

  2. THanks Tovya,
    I support Chabad but i am actually not a Chabadnik. Love to play Houston! I can play my country and western set!

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