Give with all your heart

After the completion of the Holy Tabernacle in the desert, Hashem tells Moshe “V’shochanti b’sochom” – I will dwell among you.  Hashem’s presence will be ever-present, and felt. Rabbi Shlomo of Radomsk in Tiferes Shlomo comments, “I will rest in the hearts of those who donate for the Mishkon [Tabernacle] with a full heart.? What does it mean to give with a full heart?

It is so hard today to believe in anything with a full heart.  We live in a world where cynicism and selfishness surround us.  We believe, but then again, we don’t entirely believe. We want to give, but we also want for ourselves.

Perhaps this is one of our problems with love.  It is so hard to give, when I am not entirely sure that I believe in the love, I have doubts, I am insecure.  I hold back.

When I give with my entire heart to another, my heart is filled with love. Want to experience Hashem? Give with all  your heart, no holding back. Then the Shechina has a place to rest, in our hearts and in our lives. Gut Shabbos


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