Rachel Bookstein, Beach Hillel’s Dynamic Director

Rachel Bookstein Being the most courageous and cutting edge Hillel Director in the country has not gotten too much press. But now, in an article about Jewlicious@TheBeach.2, Rachel gets a nice mention.

Then she [Sasha] met some younger, progressive rebbetzins, like Rachel Bookstein, executive director of the Long Beach Hillel.

Lets give it up for Rachel.

Jewlicious@TheBeach.2 was more of a celebration and festival than any Hillel in the country has put together in recent memory. And this coming from a small one-woman operation. Thats right. Hillel has only one full time employee and that is none other than Rachel Bookstein. In addition to an amazing husband 🙂 Rachel manages three kids, a Hillel budget, and some of the best Shabbat Feasts on the West Coast.


Posted on April 1, 2006, in Campus Life, Hillel, News and politics. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Why not to be the first – Rachel: Mazal Tov! from Dublin.

    …”and some of the best Shabbat Feasts on the West Coast” – wow! I remember Shabbatot in Poland – were the best.

    Purim Sameach Hevrey, take care!

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