We Shall Overcome

we shall overcome

A week of anti-Jewish, anti-Israel incitement and hate-speech, vilification and taunting of Jewish students, loud support for Hamas, suicide bombing, and the destruction of Israel, false accusations, blood libel, chants of Allah Hu Akbar, and angry marches around the campus have finished for now.

The Jewish Students faced an incredible week of hate, and many wondering why are they on the most anti-Jewish campus in the country?

The hate in the eyes of the Muslims students grew more intense as the week wore on, and they were subjected to speech after speech of incendiary lies and propaganda by so-called religious leaders.

The University maintained its policy of silence, but sent out dozens of police and administrators. The police definitely kept the peace, otherwise things would have been ugly. There was a real chance that Jewish students would have been attacked, given the right chance. It was that tense. The Jewish students were cool headed. Sang loud, stood their ground, and were proud. The UC Intifada continues…
At the close of this week we took over the speakers plaza with signs, flowers, and singing. We linked arms, we sat in a circle, we refused to budge. The Muslim students continued their shouts and cries of Jihad, and the Jewish students and community supporters sand songs of peace and hope. We sang Am Yisrael Chai—The People of Israel Live-on!

We refused to be intimidated and shouted down.

counter protest 


Posted on May 19, 2006, in Anti-Semitism, Campus Life, Judaism, News and politics. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. The girl with the “If you dont like American then leave” poster really ruins the whole thing.
    Im glad you guys were out there though.

  2. Yeah, but she does have a point about Muslim Radicals. I don’t want a muslim theocracy in the USA as the MSU group is preaching.

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