Israel is still David, and Iran is still Goliath

On a recent comment made in response to my comment, the author wrote that Israel is the fourth largest military in the world. I realized at once that they had been dealt a serious case of believing-the-lies, and opted to think that a country with just 6 million people could be THAT strong. Wow, the Jews must really be strong!

Well, were not the biggest, not the fourth but the ….. 28th.

Thats all folks, numero 28.

1 People’s Republic of China
2 United States
3 India
4 North Korea
5 Russia
6 Pakistan
7 South Korea
8 Turkey
9 Vietnam
10 Egypt
11 Iran
12 Myanmar
13 Indonesia
14 Thailand
15 Syria
16 Ukraine
17 Republic of China
18 Brazil
19 Germany
20 France
21 Japan
22 Italy
23 Saudi Arabia
24 Morocco
25 Mexico
26 United Kingdom
27 Greece
28 Israel
29 Ethiopia
30 Spain


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  1. I think the notion is that the US and Israel are 1-2 in the strength of the military, as opposed to actualy numbers of enlistees.

  2. Correct brian, that is the perception , but it is baseless and the result of anti-Semitism. You see the Jews always too powerfull. Even when we were in the ghettos of Europe.

    Check out the link from WIKI it includes numbers of aircraft and tanks too.

  3. Rabbi Yonah,
    You quite rightly questioned the citing of Israel as the fourth largest military hegemon in the world. There are thousands of articles that cite this figure, but few that back it up with primary source references. I did find evidence however that more accurately qualified this claim with the insertion of the term exporter ie that Israel is the world’s fourth largest military exporter. I stand corrected (or qualified, anyway).

    I must point out too that your own indicators should be qualified. You cite Wikipedia which I have no problem with. The list however is only of size of armed forces. This is not the only nor even arguably the best overall indicator of the size and might of a country’s military force.

    If you look at Wikipedia’s list of top countries in terms of military expenditure, Israel is right up there in the top 20, where no other Mid East country appears except Saudi Arabia, and ceratinly NOT Iran. So I can not reasonably take your claim seriously about Iran being a Goliath to Israel’s David.

    Here it is and is compiled from primary source data from SIPRI:

    Rank Country Military expenditures, USD
    — World Total 1,000,000,000,000 (2005)

    1 United States 478,200,000,000
    European Union 190,000,000,000
    2 United Kingdom 48,300,000,000
    3 France 46,200,000,000
    4 Japan 42,100,000,000
    5 China 41,000,000,000
    6 Germany 40,200,000,000
    7 Italy 27,200,000,000
    8 Saudi Arabia 25,200,000,000
    9 South Korea 21,600,000,000
    10 Russia 21,000,000,000
    11 India 20,400,000,000
    12 Canada 10,600,000,000
    13 Australia 10,500,000,000
    14 Spain 9,900,000,000
    15 Israel 9,600,000,000

    This demonstrates that it does depend what indices you use. Wither Iran?

    I daresay the ranking wuld be even higher if the list was to take into account per capita expenditure.

    Of course, the Jews aren’t “always too powerful” and by pointing military might and US military aid to Israel out, one is not being anti-Semitic, simply factual.

    Towards the truth and all good wishes,

  4. military spending does not determine the strength of a country’s military. so saudi arabia is #23, big deal. it would never be able to defend itself against any aggression on its soil. instead they’ll “invite” US troops. of course if Israel would ever choose to attack the Saudi’s, I wonder what would the US do?

  5. the strength of israel’s military has nothing to do with “jews being too strong.” the reality is that israel is the only nuclear-armed power in the region, hence the push from iran to develops nukes of their own. israel, and all countries that claim to love peace, need to decommission their nuclear missiles immediately or that claim will continue to ring false and hollow.

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