Hizbollywood 4: Cars that can survive missle strikes!

The following photos showcars that were “supposedly” hit by Israeli missles. The damage suggests otherwise. You be the judge. Would an Israeli missle leave the car in such good shape? I have included a picture of a car hit by missles in Gaza. According to blog Hot Air:cars more

That photo, purporting to depict a car hit by Israeli missiles whose windshield nonetheless remained intact, was taken on August 6 by Nasser Nasser — who was also one of the photographers at Qana. Here’s another shot of the same car showing that its grill and headlights are missing. Maybe scavengers showed up after the “airstrike” and stripped them. Or maybe they were stripped long ago, before this piece of junk was dragged out onto the road and battered with something heavy in a pathetic imitation of explosive damage.

It seems that some kind of rock or machine was brought down on the top of these cars. There was no missle strike.

more cars


And last but not least here is a car really hit by a missle.  When Israel wants to kill a car, they know how.  Thank you AP and Reuters for your great coverage of the Hizbollywood war.

real dead cars


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  1. so what? your just splitting hairs. Keep it in perspective and look at the bigger picture. ie. israel is a product of zionist imperialism and they are perpetuating the same atrocities to the lebs as the nazis did to the yids. Why should the rest of the world listen to the jews constant fucking whining, get out of palestine and put israel in germany and let the krauts pay the price for the holocaust and not the lebs.

  2. Thank you for your anti-Semitism, your vile hatred of Jews.
    It helps me to prove my point that we cannot depend of fair judgement from the world.
    Your comments are so outrageous and full of lies, that it shows your a a pathological Jew hater.

  3. anti-semitism shmemitism.. i commend you for using that word over and over because its been over used and exploited…

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