Mazel Tov

babyWith gratitude to Hashem, we are pleased to announce the birth of a baby boy to Rachel and Rabbi Yonah Bookstein.
Mom and Baby are fine, thank God!


In accordance with Jewish tradition, we will be anouncing the name after the bris (ritual circumcision) which will be in Long Beach, Tuesday, Sept. 5th.

To attend just send me an email!


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  1. YAY! Name? Come on Melinda and I are horribly curious!

  2. MAZEL TOV old friend. Such wonderful parents should have many beautiful, smart, strong children.

  3. thank you thank you!
    name on tuesday Gd willin!!!!

  4. Alas I can’t make it, class is most hectic from morning till midnight on tuesdays. But please post, Melinda and I will raise a glass to the young one. A new defender of truth is born!

  5. Where is the live video feed?????????

  6. Thats a good point! We need second by second updates!

  7. so it s Naftali hersh, huh?!!!
    but who is the name given after???

  8. Its complicated.
    But the simple answer is N for Nechama, my maternal grandma
    H for Herbert, rachel’s Maternal grandfather
    Of course there is wayyyyyyy more.

  9. Hehe. Sounds like his name will have a good history. Personally I liked learning the origins of my name, and its connection to my family. Granted its no where near as deep as that name. Congrats again!

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