Al Chayt…We lost in the 12th inning

tigersSaddly Detroit was not able to pull out winning the Central  division today.  They have lost the last five games going into the post-season.  Kansas City, one of the worst teams in baseball, managed to clobber the Tigers. Three times.

Well, hopefuly the Tigers (and their fans) will  do teshuva, and be back for Tuesday’s game in New York witha clean slate.
Wishing everyone an easy fast, an inspiring Yom Kippur, and a healthy and joyous year!


Posted on October 1, 2006, in News and politics. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Zeeknaytzfat

    I was never worried about the Tigers since I am their fan from the time I was age four in 1957.My belief in the ability to “correct a wrong” B”H, kept me glued to my p.c. here in Israel.When they lost the series, I was still madly b’simcha for the big effort all year round and the AL playoffs.
    y the way, I used that Tiger photo last year as a screen saver and prayed Bonderman to pitch like he’s supposed to.

  2. Thanks! I too pray for Bonderman!

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