Festival of Rights LA

Just returned from PJA/REBOOT/JDUB’s Festival of Rights at the El Ray on Wilshire. A talkative and mixed crowd or highbrows and lowbrows and piercedbrows. Highlight of the night was the marvelous performance by GOLEM, part of the JDUB Family. PJA created a very high-profile candle lighting, with Mayor Antonio the most popular man in LA. There were TV Cameras filming his every move, he used the words mitzvah AND tikkun olam. Gd he’s good. There was R’ Sharon Brous of IKAR, labor leaders, politicians, and a Muslim, some Jews, it was very progressive, at times even inspiring, as they turned the bulbs on the electric menorah.

Reboot’s Julie Hermalin read a fantastic retelling of the Chanukah story, Eric “Smooth E” Schwartz laid down some fine grooves and performed his latest song about Chanukah Gelt. Beverly and Ronna hilarious! Oy I can’t remember everyone. Heaping Hanukah…

Shmoozing with Aaron Bisman, sporting a very fine new kelly green JDub shirt, he told me they about their Nationwide JDub Chanukah tour: 12/ 14 San Francisco, 2/ 17 Great Barrington, MA, 12/ 20 Chicago, 12/21 Boston, 12/ 23 Brooklyn, NY

Golem remind me of the cabaret acts in Krakow I watched as a graduate student, but hyped up on lots of red-bull. Great show.

Bumped into Ruthie Andrew Ellenson, one of Jewlicious 2.0’s stars, Craig Taubman, Jon Fischel. The Jewish world is getting smaller each day.


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