Rabbi Yonah vs. Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta

Rabbi Yonah and Neturei Karta Dovid Weiss

From last year at UC Irvine. Notice how he gets so upset when I mention that I have “smicha” from Monsey.


Posted on December 25, 2006, in "Iran Holocaust Cartoon Contest", Judaism. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. That’s a great clip…

  2. Rav Yonah Lazar from Passaic, New Jersey

    Mr. Weiss is an evil, crazy man.

  3. I am a secular Australian Jew yet have sympathy for the Neturei karta-perhaps they have a valid Torah true point-that seems to have been forgotten by most-it seems obvious to me that the holocaust was largely the result of secular jews contributing and meddling in gentile society. it also seems obvious to me that the jewish establishment’s strategy in opposing nazism failed. They opposed Nazism head-on from a moral standpoint and encouraged the US to declare war on Germany-inflaming the Nazi’s and resulting in deaths of religious jews minding their own business in Eastern Europe.
    Perhaps if the idea of placating anti-semites as these people attempt to do had been followed as it had been up until the haskalah movement we would have been better off.
    These people arent traitors but patriots-they understand that by jews contributing to gentile society they actually benefited the European goyim immensely and harmed ourselves-likewise israel has proven to be a spiller of jewish blood and not the opposite-dont be so self righteous these people actually represent the standard jewish attitudes of once upon a time.

  4. HoRav Yonah Lazar from Passaic, New Jersey

    Interesting, “Mike”, a “secular Jew” from Australia just writes just like a Neturei Karta dog and somehow thinks he is fooling someone!

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