The Itche Kadoozy Show

jonoMy wife and kids were laughing out loud so I had to see what was so funny.  They told me it was two puppets doing the parsha on called The Itche Kadoozy Show.  I thought to myself, how funny can this be?  It’s on a Jewish website afterall that is not know for its humor.  It’s puppets.


Well, the answer is that Itche Kadoozy is totally hilarious and great for kids and adults.  This is a really brilliant effort and I am proud to direct anyone  there. In addition to clever plots, I love the sets and puppet.


In fact I have watched a whole series of them now, and they really shine with humor, AND Jewish info. Hope you enjoy!


Did I mention that the supporting character is a Gefilte Fish?


Posted on January 3, 2007, in Judaism. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. miniclubpenguin770

    oh chabadnik?
    i am one
    is this about itche kadoozy?

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