Clowning with Neturei Karta at UC Irvine



There is NO basis for Neturei Karta today except for one small sentence in the Talmud that says that we should not try to force the redemption.  This minority opinion  is rejected.  Jews would have started Israel 500 or 1000 years ago — but there was never a chance until the middle of the 19th centure when religious Jews—thats right religious Jews— first started to return to the Holy Land.

1948 was God’s work, and don’t let these clowns get you down.  They are sadly the absolute dregs of the Jewish people and they are rejected by everyone.

Judaism says CLEARLY in the Torah that we rule according to the majority. The VAST VAST majority of Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and Secular Jews want and love Israel.


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  1. naturi karti has been put in CHAREM

    they no longer are considered jews.

    DER STERMER could not have created a worse stero type for jews if they could have even thought of it.

    it was reported that the head of hevra kadish in israel came accross the goy weiss and punched him in the nose.


  2. you should be getting some extra traffic as your ROLFLM(TOUCKAS)O piece AMERICAN JIHAD IDOL made it into the LITTLEGREENFOOTBALLS.COM

  3. I nominate Rabbi Yonah for Rabbi of the year!!!

  4. Rabbi — that was a great video. I hope you can develop the idea further.

    Laughing at these scum is something they just can’t take.

  5. CLARIFICATION — I meant the Jew hating “scum” in the American Idol Jihad Edition

  6. please visit my blog on NK at we cover everthing on NK

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