American Idol Jihad Edition

ali-jihad-idol.jpgMany thanks to the crew of American Idol Jihad Edition for helping get this pilot off the ground. Creating a new show takes hundreds of people hours and of course, we are all working for free, until the show gets purchased by Al Jazeera or Jihadi TV. There is certainly a market that we hope to conquer.

Do you want American Idol Jihad Edition to visit your campus? Let us know and we can send out a film crew. We are always looking for a good jihad!

update: Video at Revver seems to play better.

NEW: Photos from American Idol Jihad EditionĀ 


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  1. Have I ever mentioned that I love your writing? =)


    Looking forward to your future episodes!

  3. You need a little bit better microphone. How can I contribute? Shabbat Sholom!

  4. That was HILARIOUS! Rabbi, you are as brave as you are funny for stadning up to those creeps.


  5. Congrats on hitting the front page of LittleGreenFootballs!

  6. Milk and cookies with Nazis?

    Great protest, Rabbi. Funny and informative.

    Shabbat Shalom.

  7. I just watched your video on Little Green Footballs… well done and thank you. Keep shining the brother.

  8. Great idea. I’ll bet you can get some real willing contestants too. These dudes don’t get parody too well.

  9. would love to see the Rabbi on Purium

  10. tehdd reagan and saleem yosser

    your also funny, come over to the UK with that shit

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