Carlebach Shul Birthright Trip

Carlebach Shul/ Birthright Israel Trip

Never been on a peer trip to Israel? Free over December break?

Join the Carlebach Shul/ Mayanot for an extraordinary 10 day adventure in Israel.

The Carlebach Shul will bring the soul experience to your Birthright Trip

Guided by Steve Eisenberg who has led over 10 Birthright trips, you will be led through Israel in the spirit of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.  Come sing Carlebach tunes while seeing Israel.  You will see Israel: Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv Eliat, Tiberias and All Points Between.  Trip highlights include: Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Masada, Tel Aviv, Galilee, Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, Tsfat And More.

You will experience the inner soul of Israel!

Special Old city rooftop Pre Shabbat events; dancing at the Kotel; meet Israeli soldiers.

If you are part of a Carlebach Minyan anywhere in the USA and have kids or friends or relatives or friends kids that are considering going on a Birthright Israel trip, this is trip to choose!
AGES 18-26

STEVE EISENBERG f 212 787-7119


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