National Rabbis Conference Call with Obama

This should be interesting! Will it be a time of forgiveness on the part of Obama for keeping company with Rev. Wright? Will it be a time of forgiveness for any Rabbis that have maligned him? Will it be a time to sing Henei Ma Tov? Or Oseh Shalom? Perhaps we better teach him, Kol Haolam Kulo… Gesher Tzar Meod….

National Rabbis Conference Call in honor of Rosh Hashanah with

Senator Barack Obama on Wednesday, September 17th 11:15 AM EST

For call-in number and passcode, please RSVP to Adam Weissmann at

Dial-in number will be sent on Tuesday night to those who RSVP.

This invitation is for Rabbis only.


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  1. One hopes that it results in agreement on our side that we can disagree about issues without casting doubts at the man’s sincerity or good intentions.

    One can consider a candidate an honorable person while voting against him. But our election has seen a discouraging amount of ad hominim attacks and outright falsehoods. Even educated Jews may believe that Obama is a closet Muslim. Very disappointing to see amongst yidn. Chicago Jews (who know him better than others) are puzzled by the suspicions that other communities have about him. Perhaps this will help stem some of those at the source.

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