Chancellor Drake Missing as Intifadah Rages at UCI

This is the SAME THING THAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR – Drake Vanishes. Amazing timing. Gomez supports the MSU, and the expense of the Jewish students.

Dear Rabbi Yonah,

Chancellor Drake is traveling this week and is not available to meet.
Perhaps you would like to contact Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Manuel
Gomez.  He can be reached at or 949-824-6482.



Anne DeMarie
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
University of California, Irvine
510 Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-1900
949-824-4354 Phone
949-824-1846 Fax


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  1. Bernard Rubin

    How sad that Muslims degrade themselves by mimiking a dead Jewish girl who is an international heroine. So quickly they forget their anger at cartoons poking fun of their spiritual and the rioting their mullahs induced in them. The students hate Israel where there is no honor killing, where girls can attend schools and colleges and where there is no female circomcision.Of course, these absent customs preclude their liking anything about the US. Too bad free speech applies to juveniles. .

  2. Free speech needs to apply. That is one of the painful things about this world. Let evil say what it wants to say, we need to keep sending our messages of love. We can’t become the monsters we are trying to fight. The second we try to ban hate speech, it sows the seeds for someone else to redefine “hate” to fit their agenda, and we could quickly find our messages being attacked.

    Protect the message of love, and trust that people will see the discrepancies.

  3. I am for free speech and believe that everyone has a right to say what they want.
    The University always has a right to condemn anti-Semitism, in this case perpetrated by the MSU.

    In addition, campuses have laws that govern student behavior that have to be upheld. If a student or student group doesn’t follow those rules they can be penalized.

    I feel that the MSU should say what they want, and that the University needs to enforce the student codes.

  4. Ah, enforcing the codes to maintain a center of learning and equality. I forgot about that! In that regard, Drake is probably the lamest Chancellor ever.

  5. Precisely – the University does not need to be ground zero in their campaign.

    Students have a right to free access to education, without worry of harassment of intimidation based on sex, color, religion, nationality, etc.

    The MSU wants us to forget this is a UNIVERSITY with RULES ;-p, They want to bring speakers that call the Jews on campus Nazis, and they want to hide behind the Free Speech argument.

    I say, let the judicial system on campus determine if they have broken code, and then if they have they pay the price.

    If they have not, well then, the codes may need to be re-examined, but they have a right to do what they do.

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