Will The Jewish People Let This School Fail?

From Seth Cohen at Boundless Drama of Creation Blog – a discussion about a school in North Carolina that is 40k short and will close.

There are nineteen Jewish children in Asheville, North Carolina, far from the Jewish centers of life in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Atlanta. These children are getting a daily dose of Jewish education, culture and language, and they are sharing experiences that will help cement their identities for years to come.  They may go elsewhere in life, far from Asheville – perhaps even to our own communities. We know this.

So with all we know, let me ask this – will we, the Jewish people, let this school fail?  And if we do, what does it mean about what we say?

This issue is huge – there are many facets. Perhaps they are better off in a public school with a really good afterschool program?

From a halachic perspective it is fairly clear that these children’s education comes before even paying the mortgage on a shul, or any other program, except giving out food and money to the poor – it is that important.


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  1. Thanks for posting Rabbi Yonah.

    “…children’s education comes before even paying the mortgage on a shul…”
    from Megillah – towards the end

    School vouchers show that a society is tolerant and supports diversity.

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