What Does It Take To Fix The World?

For most of us, the attempt to do anything, even to just fix our kitchen sink, can be a daunting task. The world? Way too big and way too many problems. Right? Wrong.

This month marks Jewish Social Action Month. They idea is to take a month out of the year to really do something to fix the world. Not just write about it. Not just talk about it. Not just write checks from the comfort of our homes about it. We get out and do something.

There are so many ways to help out, and here we decided to be pretty ambitious. We are attempting to fix a whole street, or at least 1.5 miles of it.

We don’t have the capacity to fill potholes, or repair sign posts. However we DO have the tools and capacity to beautify the street and the neighborhood.

We will be filling planters and planting herbs and fruit trees. We will be picking up tons of garbage. We will be weeding the sidewalks and tree wells.

We might not be able to fix the whole world this weekend, but we can fix it one block at a time. Helping to make the neighborhood more livable helps improve our health, the quality of life, and gets people walking!

Don’t forget – we are collecting food, clothing, and e-waste at registration!

Sponsor a TREE or HERB planter in memory or in honor of a loved one!


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